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By interest: Food & wine

For the experimental epicureans


We love food…and wine! This makes us rather selective and forever on the search for new restaurants, special producers and small niche vineyards.


Over time we have discovered quite a few of which we are truly proud and really enjoy sharing these with our clients as an alternative to the great labels famous world over. This doesn’t stop us from organizing a great Burgundy or Super Tuscan vineyard trip. The countries we cover all have a unique culinary tradition and as we explore, we like to extend our enthusiasm to those around us.


Whether it be amazingly lean reindeer or the best Sushi in Oslo, cheeses or chocolate to die for in France, or olive oil and delicacies of all kinds in Italy, we will almost always find you some special wines to accompany your feasts. Although we are still searching for Norwegian wine! 


We also offer a Wine Collection consultancy service for Italy and France. Our wine expert has access to extraordinary labels and can teach our clients how to construct a balanced and valuable cellar.

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