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Oslo and the Arctic Circle

The northern fairy tale


We first researched this trip in 2003 and we loved both the city and the stunning landscapes of the Arctic. We have since been back several times, both in Summer and in Winter and we simply cannot make up our mind which we prefer, but probably winter takes the prize! 


Oslo is an elegant if informal city with excellent restaurants from Sushi to traditional Norwegian cuisine. The magnificent Vigelands Park with its collection of movingly powerful statues, the new contemporary architectural masterpieces such as the Opera house or the new Munch Museum which is due to open in October 2021 provide a rich cultural offer. 


We can take you on a discovery of this European capital, with its world renowned institutions, create fairytale-like activities for you or put you through a sporting drill! 


From here, fly North to Alta and indulge in a very Nordic life, traveling on sledges drawn by dogs, chasing Northern lights and crossing the snow clad plateaux on snowmobiles. 

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