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By interest: Culture & arts

For the culturally curious


Italy is well known to be the crib of culture containing, it is said, 60% of UNESCO world heritage sites. Percentages aside, due to its history of city states, Italy boasts a plethora of amazing towns: Florence, Rome, Venice, Naples, Palermo, Milan and many many others, all with their distinctive physiognomy and character. The countryside is dotted with extraordinary little villages and almost everywhere there is amazing art and architecture to see.


Come with us and discover why the Renaissance is so important, how Roman and pre-Christian architecture mingles with grandiose Baroque palaces in Rome, how Arab craftsmen helped create Christian Norman Palermo.

Discover how God and Money were so closely linked, where banking first began and how East met West.


But we can also take you on a discovery of other European or near European Cities such as Paris, Barcelona, Oslo, Prague and Istanbul each with magnificent art and architecture from different eras to offer.

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